Month: October 2021

08 Oct 2021

A Story of a Psychic’s Reading Experience

My customers and I have been through a lot. I have seen lots of stories. Separations, marriages, soul connections, missing people, career problems, domestic violence, the birth of babies. They are all stuck in my mind as part of real psychic experiences. We cried and laughed together on this journey. Prior to major decisions, you […]

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03 Oct 2021

Difference Between Psychics, Mediums And Clairvoyants

Some spiritualists just focus on future predictions which is psychic work whereas some can connect with your ancestors from the past, which is called the mediumship. This is the difference between psychic and medium. Some clairvoyant help brings both though. I am a psychic medium, so I talk about your future options, also your deceased […]

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