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Year: 2016

29 Nov 2016

Motivate Yourself to Change

I used to be against tattoo or any symbol on the body but I have a better view now. About a month ago I got my arm permanently inked. My middle name is Suleyman or Solomon, a name a share with my grandfather and also the King Solomon whose gift was to talk to animals. Another connection […]

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27 Sep 2016

Defeating the Ego & Finding Who You Really Are

We humans are social creatures. In addition to getting the right course, we also have an obligation. Often, we feel our rights are ignored or feel that our arguments are the most correct. If so, then you should need to fix that act because it could be that you are having a crisis of personality […]

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21 Jun 2016

The Power of Smiling

Smile is a body language which is interpreted as an expression of happiness. Smiling is very easy to do, but often because of busy awork and endless routines, it makes us forget the joy we can feel from this activity. We do not realize how great the power of a smile is. In fact, even […]

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19 Mar 2016
become a good listener

How To Be A Good Listener

Listening is not necessarily a quality, as it is a virtue. Not many people know that listening can solve a lot of issues, and can act as a treatment for the many situations in which we are upset, stressed or disappointed. In many cases, we don’t look for solutions or answers to our problems, but […]

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11 Mar 2016
be a good friend

How to be a Good Friend

Having a friend may be the best thing one can have, besides family. A real friend will always accept you for who you are, regardless if you are successful or not, will offer support and a shoulder to cry on, when you need one, and will be happy for your every achievement. But how can […]

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01 Mar 2016
reincarnation of life

Do You Believe in Reincarnation?

The subject of reincarnation is an intricate one, representing a mere fairy tale for some while it is real belief for others. Still, it is said that each myth must have a seed of truth from which it all started. So what made mankind believe in such a thing. If the man fears of something, […]

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19 Feb 2016
good relationship partner

How to Be a Good Relationship Partner

Believe it or not, being a good partner in any social relationship follows the same recipe. Of course, details are the ones that set one relationship apart from another, but there are a few primary values that must be respected if you want to be a trustworthy and appreciated partner in a relationship. So whether […]

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06 Jan 2016

Nuances Of Coffee Cup Readings From One Country To Another

You may think that a coffee cup reading is basic. Someone looks in the coffee ground sediment at the bottom of the cup and tells you what they see. It’s not that easy. You will quickly learn that there are nuances about the coffee cup reading that happens from one country to another. The readings […]

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