Month: September 2015

28 Sep 2015

Health Benefits Of Coffee To Our Skin And Mind

There have always been benefits to drinking coffee. For anyone who is not a morning person, coffee is the way of coming to life and feeling like one’s self again. I am Deniz, a psychic in Newtown Sydney. I wanted to discuss some of the other benefits to coffee and how it can have a […]

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21 Sep 2015

How Pain Makes Us Grow Spiritually And Emotionally

If you are familiar with the teachings of Psychic Deniz, then you are probably well aware of the fact that pain allows us to experience spiritual and emotional growth. Remaining in the same place for a long period of time goes much deeper than your geographic location, it also has a lot to do with […]

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16 Sep 2015

How To Avoid Negative People / Situations

Negative people and situations are an unfortunate byproduct of life on the planet Earth. No matter how hard we try, negative people and situations seem to find us. However, this does not have to become your reality. It is easier to avoid negative people and situations than you may have been led to believe. This […]

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03 Sep 2015

Methods for Dealing with Stress

There are many instances throughout our daily walk of life when we will encounter stress.  Stress can come from the workplace.  An example of this would be a deadline for a project to be completed.  The well-being of our family members can be a source of stress as well.  What if your children become sick […]

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