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Year: 2015

28 Dec 2015

Meanings Of Some Common Coffee Ground Shapes

The meaning of common coffee ground shapes is impacted by the method used to display the grounds. Most practitioners prefer using Turkish coffee because the methods of divination have been practiced in Turkey for the longest time. Turkish coffees produce more sediment and are therefore a better prognosticative tool that provides more information. You need […]

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17 Dec 2015

What Is Scrying Method And How Does It Help To See Your Future?

Scrying is a means of divining the future that is as old as the ancient Persian Empire and probably very much older. Scrying can be done with many types of objects and you have probably experienced the method by staring at any object while consciously trying not thinking about anything. The most ancient scrying tools […]

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07 Dec 2015

You Can Also Read The Coffee For Yourself

You have likely heard about coffee cup readings. While you can always book a reading with a fortune teller, there are plenty of people who say that you can do the reading on your own by learning how to interpret some of the designs that are left in the coffee cup after you have drank […]

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26 Nov 2015

History Of Coffee Cup Reading

The history of coffee cup reading is long and dates back centuries. It is also known as tasseography, which is a form of fortune telling that interprets the patterns that are left by the coffee grounds. It has been found all the way back do the medieval times, when European fortune tellers would develop readings […]

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19 Nov 2015

Be Your Own Psychic

Each and every human being has the ability to tune into their own psychic intuition. It is normal for an individual to overlook or even ignore the spiritual link or inner visions that they are capable of accessing within themselves. Lack of understanding or fear and doubt can cloud the mind and conceal the knowledge […]

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12 Oct 2015

How To Stay Happy In Challenging Work Places

If there’s anything that many of us are familiar with, it’s that feeling of longing a person has when they realize that they are not fully happy or fulfilled at their place of work. So how does one stay happy when they are at a challenging workplace? Read on to learn more.  Leave Personal Problems […]

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28 Sep 2015

Health Benefits Of Coffee To Our Skin And Mind

There have always been benefits to drinking coffee. For anyone who is not a morning person, coffee is the way of coming to life and feeling like one’s self again. I am Deniz, a psychic in Newtown Sydney. I wanted to discuss some of the other benefits to coffee and how it can have a […]

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21 Sep 2015

How Pain Makes Us Grow Spiritually And Emotionally

If you are familiar with the teachings of Psychic Deniz, then you are probably well aware of the fact that pain allows us to experience spiritual and emotional growth. Remaining in the same place for a long period of time goes much deeper than your geographic location, it also has a lot to do with […]

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16 Sep 2015

How To Avoid Negative People / Situations

Negative people and situations are an unfortunate byproduct of life on the planet Earth. No matter how hard we try, negative people and situations seem to find us. However, this does not have to become your reality. It is easier to avoid negative people and situations than you may have been led to believe. This […]

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