Month: April 2013

23 Apr 2013

How to Break a Curse, Spell or Evil Eye?

Hello there, evil eye (Nazar in Turkish, Bose Blick in German, Aina Bisha in Arabic and Matisma in Greek) is in fact a very common notion in most of these cultures.  Throughout centuries people believed in preventing, blocking and curing the negative gaze of the envier. The general idea behind this concept is when an […]

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02 Apr 2013

I Read Your Face!

Hi Everyone, apart from continuous coffee cup reading enquiries, emails, and one-on-one readings even the North Korean issue keeps me busy these days.  Finally I am sick of watching the North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s daily performance on my TV screen how he would ‘mercilessly kill all Americans and South Koreans on this planet’, […]

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